Who we are

Ionut Sanducu, Director

Established in 2014 as Sanducu Log Buildings, we have a proud portfolio of providing high-quality log building services to residential, retail and leisure environments across the UK and Europe.

We have acquired an excellent reputation for professionalism, quality of work and attention to detail, which we value and continue to build on. We are experts in any log construction, handcrafted or factory manufactured, and so far, we have completed over 200 projects.
Our services include full erection of the building according to the manufacturer’s instructions so your supplier warranty won’t be affected, decoration, plasterboarding, insulation, roof coverings, door fitting, windows fitting, floor fitting, and tilling.

Wood is my lifelong passion, work and ambition. When I was 18 years old, I started learning to build handcrafted traditional log houses in Romania, and it became my goal to become one of the best log builders in the world. In 2007 I came to the UK to join a Finnish log-building company where I learned the Finnish way of building log houses, and seven years later, I started my own company.

My company is my name, my word and my values and I am striving to always keep my promise to you in all areas: timemoney and quality. I am very grateful for each client who puts his lifelong savings in my hands, and I do my best every time to rise to the expectation.

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Our partners

Sanducu Log Buildings is working with the best suppliers in the world in the log industry such as Honka UK and our team will make sure you will enjoy the pleasure of living in a log home in the shortest time possible and with a smooth and hassle free construction time.

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